Saturday, April 09, 2011

Introduction about Department of Cooperative

The Department of Cooperative is the National Cooperative Organization responsible for registration; regulation and promotion of cooperative enter prizes in all over the country. It was established in 1953 AD under the then Ministry of Planning, Development and Agriculture.

The interim Constitution of Nepal, 2063 has considered Cooperative sector as one of the three pillars for national development. It is one of the departments under the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. Cooperative Department as the constituent organ of the government has 40 offices altogether including the department. It is the major executive wings of the Government. The in-charge of the cooperative department is Registrar as equivalent to a joint secretary of the government. The Registrar of the Department of Cooperatives delegates the registration authority to the officials assigned in the Division Cooperative offices. Under this Department there is one Central Cooperative Training Centre, 5 Cooperative Training and Division Office and 33 Division Cooperative Office in all over the country. The Central Cooperative Training Centre was established in 1962 AD. The five Cooperative Training and division Office and thirty three Division Cooperative Office were set up after the dissolution and merging of district cooperative office extended over 68 district in the country.

There are altogether 594 personnel under the Department of Cooperatives. Several types of cooperatives societies operated in the country are Saving and Credit, Multipurpose, Dairy, Agriculture, Fruits and Vegetables, Bee Keeping, Tea, Coffee, Consumers, Energy, Communication etc. including production, financial and service. Nepal has initiated its cooperative movement after 1950 AD. Policy and programs launched by the government have emphasized the importance of Cooperative modality to maintain peace in the society by means of self employment and to expedite the development works. It is believed that some 3 million people are already affiliated so far in more than 20000 cooperatives and more than 50000 people are employed directly in Cooperative business.


The long term vision is to develop cooperatives as one of the lead sector for economic development of the country.


The mission of the Cooperatives Department is to develop the values and principles based cooperatives in the country and the plan would be delineated for the fulfillment of long term vision.


* Cooperatives will be developed as the foundation pillar of the economy for the economic growth, member saving deposits mobilization, operation of agriculture and micro-enterprises, and creating awareness of the people on Cooperative concepts.
* Cooperatives will be developed as the medium to address the economic, social and cultural needs of people as a mechanism to contribute in community development and service delivery.

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